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At FRESH Performance, we want you to find the energy and positive power in exercise and we want you to enjoy the ride while doing so.  Whether you are working out for the pure enjoyment of staying fit and healthy or you are an elite athlete training for a specific sport, maintaining a balanced routine through exercise, nutrition, and emotional well-being is essential.

This is the foundation of FRESH—building strength in your body and mind in a healthy and holistic fashion that is sustainable and fun.  With your determination and motivation, we can help you achieve the positive results you are looking for!

Keep it FRESH and keep it fun! 



Becca graduated from the University of Portland with a Bachelor of Science in Life Science. She played on the Women’s Division I soccer team at the University of Portland, where the team clinched the Division I National Championship in 2005. Becca was awarded Most Inspirational player during the championship season. Her continuing education includes a diploma from the National Personal Training Institute where she not only gained a well-rounded knowledge of personal training, but she continued to develop her passion for helping people become stronger and happier. In 2011 Becca started FRESH Performance, where she continues to work with a variety of different athletes, including the Oregon Ballet dancers, individuals from the Portland Thorns women’s professional soccer team, and the Portland STAGS men’s professional ultimate team. Becca is now ACPT certified.

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