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We’re excited to introduce our new FRESH Video Subscription Plan! For a small monthly price, you can have access to workouts whenever you want!
Workouts include:

  • FRESH Short and Sweet

    • Squeeze one of these fun 10-30 minute videos into your busy schedule or pair them up for a longer workout.

    • A wide range of high-quality, focused workouts including core, hips, lower body, upper body, combos, and more.

    • New videos are added each week!

  • FRESH recorded Zoom workouts

    • Great hour-long workouts recorded from live FRESH Zoom classes.

    • Three categories offered to challenge the whole body:

      • Bodyweight Bootcamp

      • Resistance Band Strength

      • Buns and Core

Here's a sample of a Short & Sweet that you'll get as part of your subscription.

Here's a sample of a Zoom Bootcamp workout that you'll get as part of your subscription!

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